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(Malta) School opens sensory room for kids with ASD/ADHD; "needs...have become more varied"

Feb 7, 2023, Newsbook: New multi-sensory room unveiled at Archbishop’s Seminary

Ministers Julia Farrugia Portelli and Clifton Grima unveiled a new multi-sensory room at the Archbishop’s Seminary, in Rabat which will be used by 22 children on the autism spectrum or who have ADHD….

The headmaster of the school Rev. Fr. Mark Ellul said that the needs of students over the years have become more varied.

He went on to explain that for some students the main curriculum may be inaccessible and therefore this multi-sensory room will make a big difference in the school life and learning of these students….

During Tuesday’s inauguration Farrugia Portelli said that it is crucial that inclusion and accessibility are spread in different places in our society, especially in schools where children spend a lot of time. Grima said government is investing in schools by renovating or rebuilding structures and provide tools and facilities for children with different abilities….


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