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(Malta) School "celebrates" neurodiversity; "THE NEW NORMAL"

Nov 8, 2021, Times of Malta: Verdala International School celebrates its students’ neurodiversity

It is a common understanding that education does not stand still. Over time, research and a better understanding of the human brain are continuously informing and influencing progressive education and consequently the narrative. “Special needs” education has advanced considerably. A term that once defined a sub-set who might be removed from mainstream and addressed quietly in the back room, has shifted to a more inclusive practice. Indeed, the language has changed over the last decade, redefining the diverse spectrum of neurological differences and how we support them….

At Verdala International School (VIS), we pride ourselves on our diversity. For some that might be interpreted as cultural or LGBQT+ identification. However, it is also about the broad range of learners, which includes those with conditions that affect their everyday lives; students with dyslexia, autism or ADHD, hard of hearing, or gifted and talented, or even those conditions we have yet to come across. By strengthening our student support services, we have ensured we can be inclusive and provide the educational or social-emotional support required for all our students to access the education they need to succeed…..

We have been celebrating neurodiversity in all its shapes and sizes. Activities are taking place across our school to raise awareness about the strengths and challenges of neurodiverse individuals. … Neurodiversity is the new normal, we ban the average and celebrate wondrous variety, in an inclusive school where everyone can fit in.


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