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(Malaysia) School marks autism awareness/"diversity of differently-abled" kids

May 8, 2023, The Star: School in PJ holds event to mark World Autism Awareness Day

In conjunction with World Autism Awareness Day, Taarana School held an event to show the diversity of differently-abled children, while also advocating for them.

“Children who are on the autism spectrum or have other conditions perceive the world in a distinct way.

“As a result, we need to construct a world that is more supportive and accepting, allowing the children to flourish alongside others,” she said.

Taarana School, established in 2011 under the Rythm Foundation, provides assistance and resources for children with special educational needs.

The school seeks to unlock the children’s potential and help them discover their strengths as well as prepare them to be independent and lead fulfilling lives.

Its principal Dr Sunitha Sivakumaran said instead of looking at the disabilities, they should look for the possibilities.

“We want to teach them to be independent so that when they go out, they can realise their full potential,” added Sunitha.

Parent Nurul Aini Rosman said the school had helped her son develop tremendously.

“Taking care of my child certainly wasn’t easy. I lost weight and needed to quit my job to take care of him as I didn’t feel comfortable with other people handling him.

“But then I found the school – by accident – and enrolled him. I was surprised that he has gradually gotten better.

“For others, it might be a small change but for us. it was a huge achievement,” Nurul Aini said.

The Autism Day event saw the students engage in a variety of activities ranging from puzzle art and yoga to performances.

It concluded with heartfelt testimonials from some parents, who shared how Taarana School had a positive impact on their children and themselves.


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