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Madison County, AL: District blames parents/genetics for mental health problems in kids

May 16, 2019, Rocket City Now, Huntsville, AL: How schools are caring for children with mental health issues MADISON COUNTY, Ala. - Some kids are genetically predisposed to mental health issues, but many times these issues spur from traumatic events or something negative happening in their lives. … "We see a lot of students that are fighting depression, which sometimes can turn into suicidal ideation or suicidal thoughts," shares Principal Mason. A few years ago, Madison County Elementary School decided to get a therapist on campus two days a week through a partnership with Wellstone Behavioral Health. But because of the need, the therapist is now on campus five days a week. "We discovered that we had a lot of students that had needs that maybe were not being identified," says Amy Mason. "So we have done a really good job of communicating with parents and referring students to therapy." … Most classrooms at Madison County Elementary have a "Calm Down Corner" where kids can go if they are feeling overwhelmed. But Amy Mason says sometimes a child may need more than more than just someone to talk to, and might need medication, and that's okay…. She says the traumatic events causing kids to have mental health issues need to be addressed as early as possible, because these will turn into much bigger issues when they are adults. She says early intervention is key. … Principal Amy Mason says this is a nationwide problem. That is why this summer she will be speaking about children's mental health at the National Principal's Conference.


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