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Macon, GA: Special ed teachers "underpaid, overwhelmed"; 20% leave annually

July 26, 2023, WGXA TV, Macon, GA: Underpaid and overwhelmed: Principal explains struggle to retain special education teachers in Midstate

…According to the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute, about 20% of special education teachers were leaving school systems each year….

It's among many reasons Canipe listed including heavy paperwork and discipline issues that are forcing some teachers to close the grade book.

But with demand high for the only school in Macon that caters directly to children with learning disabilities, Canipe says she expects more frustrations for parents looking to send their child to school with smaller class sizes.

"Basically their options are public school system, but I think the size is a big issue for their child and then you have private schools and those are sometimes options for them, and then sometimes they're not," Canipe explained.

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