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Macomb Cty, MI: "… Increasingly, the school environment has less to do with teaching..."

Mar 5, 2018, Detroit MI, Macomb (County) Daily: Threats in Macomb County schools are a growing epidemic … Increasingly, the school environment has less to do with teaching the three R’s and more to do with managing disorder created by highly-publicized school shootings and copy cat threats. … Thursday, Warren Mayor James Fouts and Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer hosted a roundtable discussion with representatives of city school districts, parochial schools and charter schools as well as officials and officers from Macomb Community College to discuss safety. The purpose was to exchange concerns and needs, and discuss how police and school officials can work together to prevent school shootings. … At Thursday’s Warren forum, school officials praised police for their effort as school resource officers in high schools, noting their presence has been effective in building relationships with students and to prevent violence. The educators welcome the idea of having officers working at middle schools throughout the day, too. … Smith said schools also need more counselors, and the government should provide more facilities for the mentally ill to halt the cycle of crime, drugs and homelessness.

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