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MA: Framingham Dem. Com. Chair advocates aborting disabled babies; drain on school costs

Feb 15, 2023, Life News: Democrat Leader: Kill Disabled Babies in Abortions Because They’re a Drain on School Funding

A Massachusetts Democrat leader is facing criticism for making discriminatory comments about children with disabilities, suggesting they should be aborted because they are a drain on public school funding.

Framingham Democratic Committee Chair Michael Hugo made the comment Feb. 7 during a Framingham City Council meeting as the city leaders considered a proclamation to condemn the work of pro-life pregnancy resource centers. The proclamation “for the protection of reproductive rights” claims the pro-life charities are “deceptive” and “misleading,” and aborting unborn babies is a “fundamental right.” The city is located just west of Boston.

During public comment period, Hugo urged the council to pass the proclamation and discourage pregnancy resource centers from opening in the city. One of the reasons he gave was his “fear” that more children with disabilities will be born and cost the city money….

Notably, Hugo told the council that he made the comment on behalf of the whole Framingham Democratic Committee – something other local Democrats vehemently denied, according to the Framingham Source, which first broke the news about Hugo’s comments….

District 4 City Councilor Michael Cannon also described Hugo’s comments as “truly repulsive” in a statement to the Source. Cannon pointed out that the Democratic committee leader did not make them off the cuff either. He shared an email with the news outlet that Hugo had sent to all 11 city council members at 12:46 a.m. Feb. 7 with very similar comments.

Hugo’s letter read, in part: “As for those who say that our council has no business dealing with a ‘state issue,’ we ask if the state is going to cover the medical costs for a fetus that had sound medical reason to be terminated? is the state going to cover the costs of special education for a down’s syndrome affected child? Is the state going to pay for the extraordinary medical expense of a child with an atrial septal defect? How much does Framingham’s Public School Department pay for unreimbursed special needs school transportation, specialized education and durable supplies?”

After the meeting, in an email to the Source, Hugo claimed he made the comments “in haste” and he regrets them. He also asked the news outlet not to run an article about him, arguing it would only cause “additional harm.”

“I made a terribly irresponsible statement that I regret incredibly,” he told the Source. Later, he added, “To publish this would be compounding the mistake I made and would be hurting additional people by calling additional attention to my regretful statement.”

But it’s difficult to tell if Hugo was sincere or if he merely backtracked because of the backlash. Racist and ableist comments are common throughout the history of the pro-abortion movement….

Today, Sanger’s organization, Planned Parenthood, aborts more than 380,000 unborn babies every year and lobbies against laws to protect unborn babies from discrimination based on their special needs, sex or race.


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