Lynchburg, VA: Teachers learning how "to handle ourbursts in school"

Nov 5, 2017, Lynchburg (VA) News and Advance: With more students showing signs of mental distress, Campbell County turns to training in ‘de-escalation strategies An increasing number of students in Campbell County Public Schools are having difficulties with their mental and emotional health, according to school officials who now are working to arm teachers with new techniques to handle outbursts in school. Schools in the division share between one and three counselors on staff who are trained to deal with social and emotional issues students might have. Assistant Superintendent Rob Arnold ran through the list last week: “anxieties, depressions, thing that trigger behavior they can’t control, emotional responses, emotionally explosive responses.”… High anxiety, depression, self harming and explosive behaviors have become “a real problem” in Campbell County’s public schools, Arnold told the Campbell County School Board in October. ... The training will be similar to a course offered for teachers over the summer, as part of a collection of courses they can volunteer to take called the teacher learning academy. … Horizon counselors have seen an increase in students dealing with trauma, often from abuse — physical or verbal — in the home, either among other members of the family or directed at the student, Cabezas said. The number of students who had a history of trauma in Campbell County and were treated through Horizonjumped from 72 in 2015 to 87 in 2016. That manifests itself in anxiety and depression, Cabezas said. Carrington Connolley, the executive director of Harvest Outreach, said Harvest also has seen more students struggling with anxiety recently, at all age levels. She didn’t have exact figures on the increase, however. She also said in the last three years the number of older students referred for substance abuse has ticked up.