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Lynchburg, VA: Staff trained to understand the effects of trauma from home

Mar 22, 2018, CBS7, Roanoke, VA: Lynchburg leaders continue to push for community wide Trauma Informed Care …the topic was children and understanding trauma, as the community gathered to watch the documentary “Paper Tigers”…. “Trauma sounds like a word that is pretty intense, but there are things that are included in that definition such as divorce, which is very common and many of us experience,” said Ashley Graham who works on the Education Subcommittee for Bridges out of Poverty. According to Bridges out of Poverty, those experiences can then go on to affect kids in schools, their behaviors, and ability to do work. The trauma is referred to as “adverse childhood experiences” or ACE. … At the last city council meeting, school and city leaders discussed behavior issues. They're even adding new bus aides to help ease the problem. Trauma informed care teaches how someone can respond differently to behavioral issues. “Instead of saying what's wrong with you, why can't you just sit still and pay attention? We say: what happened to you?” said Graham. …

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