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Luther, OK: 14 year old stabs girl during assembly; motive unclear

Aug 16, 2018, NBC News: (Luther, OK) Boy, 14, silently stabbed girl in Oklahoma school auditorium, police say A 14-year-old boy stabbed a girl of the same age in front of shocked schoolmates, faculty and staff who had gathered for a back-to-school welcoming event at a campus auditorium in Luther, Oklahoma, Thursday, authorities said. … The suspect was silent during the attack, and the two children did not appear to know each other, though they were both in the small Luther public school system last year, said Randall, who based his remarks on interviews with witnesses. Amid a national discourse on toxic masculinity and the #MeToo movement, investigators were desperately trying to find a motive… "The thing that concerned me most was his nonchalant attitude about what transpired," Randall said. "No remorse whatsoever."… "They were having an all school assembly inside the performing arts center when, for some reason, the male student allegedly stood up and started stabbing the female student," …


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