Lowell, MA: Not enough space for SPED students

August 1, 2017, Lowell (MA) Sun: Lowell looks to keep more special-ed kids in city Like many districts, Lowell doesn't have the space and staff to accommodate all of its special-needs students, so it is required to pay for those students to attend specialized, often expensive, schools. Superintendent Salah Khelfaoui is hoping to keep more of those students in the district by acquiring property for a new day school. … The district budgeted $11.6 million for out-of-district special-education tuition and additional $5.1 million for transportation to those schools in fiscal 2018. The new day school and the addition of four other special-education classrooms could produce $1.8 million in savings in its first year, according to the budget. Lowell Public Schools has allocated $2.4 million for the day school's acquisition, staff, and equipment. "We are moving in that direction, slowly but surely," Mayor Edward Kennedy said. "It's my hope that we would have something -- not for September -- but perhaps by January."