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Louisiana: $8M available for schools to add cameras in SPED rooms

Feb 17, 2023, WDSU TV, New Orleans: Northshore mom fights for cameras to be installed in special education classrooms

Kathleen Cannino says her son Noah was coming home with bruises and bite marks from Pre-K. She couldn't get any answers from administrators so she attached a recording device on her son. She said it captured her son being mistreated and abused.

"She told him that she wishes she could break his effing finger and I didn't know what to do," said Cannino.

So she went to lawmakers and school leaders to push for cameras in special education classrooms. Senator Franklin Foil filed the bill which passed overwhelmingly.

Now, $8 million dollars are available for Louisiana schools to install cameras in special needs classrooms if a parent asks for it. …


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