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Loudoun Cty, VA: School board committee studies SPED discipline problems

Aug 20, 2018, Loudoun Now, Leesburg, VA: Loudoun’s Special Education Ad Hoc Committee Begins Work The 26-member committee tasked with taking a deeper look at how Loudoun County Public Schools serves special education students began talking last week about what improvements need to be made and how to make them…. The School Board voted in April to form the ad hoc committee after the school system faced scrutiny over allegations that discipline of special education students had included leaving them in isolation rooms for hours at a time. Many parents making those same reports have said they experienced retaliation for raising concerns about how their children have been treated, in some cases by being reported to Child Protective Services. School Board Chairman Jeff Morse (Dulles), who initially suggested creating the panel, said it’s charged with “reviewing polices, practices and procedures, so we can determine ways to improve our services to the special needs community.”… Chris Croll, who represents Gifted Services Advisory Council, said improving communication and staff-parent relationships are key. “When parents do speak up and say this IEP isn’t being followed, there’s a fear of retaliation. I’ve heard that over and over again. … it’s a real concern we need to address.”


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