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Long Island, NY: Water park continues as Certified Autism Center

June 13, 2023, Patch, Long Island, NY: Splish Splash Water Park Designated Again As Certified Autism Center

Splish Splash Water Park continues to make strides towards inclusivity, partnering with the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards, or IBCCES, to achieve recertification as a Certified Autism Center.

In 2019, Splish Splash was the first water park in New York State to receive the designation and "has continued its commitment to accessibility by implementing the IBCCES accessibility card, sensory guide and ride accessibility program," Splish Splash representatives said.

The designation reaffirms the water park's "unwavering dedication" to creating an inclusive and accessible environment for autistic and sensory sensitive individuals and their families, Splish Splash said.

“Splish Splash is proud to be working with IBCCES to once again achieve recognition as a certified autism center,” said Splish Splash General Manager Mike Bengtson. “In 2019, we became the first water park in New York State to receive this designation, and our implementation of the IBCCES Accessibility Card last year was a huge success. We always strive to make our parkaccessible to everyone, and working with organizations such as IBCCES is evidence of our strong commitment to this goal.”…

"Splish Splash and their team have provided more than 700 individuals with autism and their families with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities every year for the past 10 years," said Suzanne Reek, executive director of the Nassau Suffolk Autism Society of America. "We truly can't put into words the incredible yearly event they generously give to our organization and its impact on our families. We appreciate the extra mile they have gone by having staff undergo extensive training to meet the needs of those with autism and other disabilities."…

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