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Long Beach, CA: "Looking to become first autism-certified city in S. California"

Dec 7, 2022, Signal Tribune: Long Beach looking to become first autism-certified city in Southern California
The next stop on Long Beach’s mission for inclusivity for all will benefit community members with autism and other developmental disorders. Long Beach may soon become the first autism-certified city in Southern California, after council members unanimously directed City staff to report back on the feasibility of obtaining the credential. …

In order to become autism-certified, Long Beach will work with the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES) to train City staff to comfortably and “positively” interact with individuals with autism.

At least 80% of public-facing staff must complete autism and sensory disorder sensitivity and awareness training. …

Councilmember Al Austin

Public-facing staff and management include healthcare, government, hospitality, education, tourism, corporate, small businesses and public safety workers. City staff will work with IBCCES to determine the number of individual businesses required to participate in order to receive certification, as it is unique to each city.

Councilmember Al Austin commended Price and Mungo for bringing the item forward, and said he is ready to “carry the torch” on assuring Long Beach becomes autism-certified after his colleagues complete their council terms later this month. …

Play Long Beach hosts an annual event Autism Night Out, where families who have children with autism are invited to a restaurant buffet where staff and fellow patrons create a “safe and judgment-free zone.” The third annual night will be on Dec. 19 at Boathouse on the Bay.


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