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Little Britain, NY: Elem school adds "flexible seating" for all the kids with ADD/ADHD etc

Mar 31, 2019, Middletown (NY) Record: Little Britain Elementary School introduces flexible seating initiative Little Britain Elementary School recently introduced a Flexible Seating Initiative after conducting research on how to support students who struggle with school anxiety, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity (ADHD), and sensory issues. Thorough research by Little Britain teachers suggested that many students would benefit from the provision of alternatives to the traditional desk-and-chair model. Studies have shown that having bump seats, wobble chairs, bean bags, and lap tables increases productivity in students, even students who typically struggle to focus and remain engaged in the classroom. … “Flexible seating has already had a positive impact in the classrooms at Little Britain,” said Little Britain Principal Sagrario Rudecindo-O’Neill. “Students benefit from having choices in their learning environments, as well as increased ability to move.”
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