Lexington,NE: 2 elementary schools get sensory rooms for "unmet sensory needs"

Oct 17, 2017, Lexington (NE) Clipper-Herald: Therapeutic space: school sensory rooms Two of Lexington’s elementary schools now have sensory rooms thanks to innovative staff who worked to put the rooms together, funded in part by grants.... Teachers know it is hard to teach a child with unmet needs, that children learn best when they are fed and well rested. Likewise children have sensory needs or can benefit from the stimulation of multiple senses, explained occupational therapist Jenny Daup. She said if a child has unmet sensory needs it might be hard for them to sit in a chair and stay focused to learn.... ... Sensory rooms are used by both special education and regular education students, she said. Sensory rooms typically have stations with active areas, calming areas and various types of sensory activities. … She said a student with a sensory processing disorder might require more stimulation before they recognize the feel of things. This might be the child who runs their hands along the wall while walking in the hallway or bumps into classmates. … "Kids that are angry or frustrated have a place to release that in a structured environment," said Cetak of another benefit of a sensory room. School personnel are tracking data for students who use the rooms, looking at the amount of time they can spend on task following a visit or if impulsive behaviors such as blurting out or getting off topic have improved. …

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