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Lexington, KY: Schools counter charges of autism abuse; 717 students with ASD

Nov 7, 2018, ABC13, Lexington, KY: Kentucky schools address autism services after kids dragged Following two reports of educators dragging autistic students, a Kentucky school district has outlined a plan to improve services. The Lexington Herald-Leader reports the Fayette County Public Schools board discussed the recommendations Monday. The proposals include installing more classroom surveillance cameras, an independent audit of autism-related programs, structured teaching and therapeutic classrooms, new positions tailored to special needs, and partnering with a post-secondary institution to create after-school programs and other services. District officials say 717 students with autism receive district services. In September, security video recorded a middle school teacher and nurse trying to persuade a boy to leave a gymnasium, before ultimately dragging him through hallways. And an October state report found evidence that an elementary school aide in August dragged a boy by the ankles for not cooperating.


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