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Lewiston, ME: 21% of students receive special education

Mar 4, 2020, Lewiston (ME) Sun Journal: Lewiston school budget linked to goals-Superintendent Todd Finn proposed a $91.04 million spending plan for fiscal year 2021 The proposed school budget is designed to secure success for students, teachers and the community by removing barriers, Superintendent Todd Finn said Monday night. Finn is asking for a $2.06 million increase in fiscal year 2021 to work toward meeting the School Committee’s goals of improved instruction, accountability, an equitable and informed community and stewardship of public resources. The $91.04 million spending plan also includes $2.88 million in contracted salary increases and other mandates. The fiscal year 2020 budget is $86.1 million…. The data paint a picture of a struggling school system:… 1,106 of the district’s 5,211 students receive special education…[21% of students].


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