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Lewis Co, NY: County fair has 'sensory zones'

July 20, 2023, News 7, Watertown, NY: Lewis County Fair offers ‘sensory zones’ for kids and adults

There’s a new addition to this year’s Lewis County Fair: a safe space in a high-energy environment.

“I think we’ve spent, like, three hours here since the beginning of the week,” said fairgoer Elizabeth Christman.

Colt’s Corner is a spot where kids and adults can go to take a break from the sights and sounds of the Lewis County Fair.

“I was so excited to see it was here,” said Christman.

In collaboration with Lewis County Public Health, the fair is offering what it calls “sensory zones” for the first time.

“They can come and play with sensory items. We have sensory bottles, different textured things, smelly things, we have headphones donated by Kelberman Center if they just need quiet. We have a fan usually running too,” said Rachel Lisk, fair manager.

Another stop is Laney’s Lane where kids can get the wiggles out.

“We have a chalk obstacle course on the ground with different things to do,” said Lisk.

Both locations are named after Lewis County kids. Laney is fighting cancer. Colt has autism spectrum disorder and sensory processing disorder.

“To just recognize all kids of Lewis County because that is for (ages) 1 to 100,” said Lisk. And there’s one more stop, a sensory story walk….

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