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Las Vegas: Autism center expands; 23,000 feet for treatment/therapy

Mar 24, 2022, CBS8, Las Vegas: Collaboration Center Foundation breaks ground on redevelopment

The Collaboration Center Foundation in the southwest valley broke ground on its redevelopment phase of the Las Vegas Ranch Tuesday. In this phase of redevelopment, over 23,000 square feet of treatment and therapy space will be added to the facility. The space will also include a developmental pre-school, treatment facilities, educational classrooms, a medical and mental health clinic, an autism assessment clinic, an adaptive exercise gym, a new grab and go café, a garden, a tortoise habitat, and an outdoor amphitheater. The Collaboration Center is a non-profit looking to foster community inclusion, family and peer engagement, social interaction, recreation, therapy, and education to enhance the lives of those touched by intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities of all ages. Established in February 2019, the organization has the goal of creating the largest disability resource network in Nevada.


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