Lancaster, PA: Emotional support needs increasing among students

March 18, 2017, (PA): Cocalico School District's $60M draft budget doesn't include a tax hike, but it could be added Other spending increases are connected to increasing special education needs. According to the initial plan, the district would add three new special education positions and two more paraprofessionals who provide classroom assistance for students with special needs. Musser said special education remains an area for “shuffling or additional work” as the district attempts to bring more services back in-house after years of contracting with IU13 and other districts. She said demand for emotional support services is increasing, particularly among younger students. The total proposed salary increase of $644,292 includes the special education positions, more part-time hours for tech support and a contracted 3.1 percent pay raise for teachers. The district would also face $36,331 in new transportation costs for special education students who can’t be taught locally, as well as a $28,625 increase in substitute pay.