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Lakehurst, NJ: 115 out-of-district SPED kids cost "a minimum of $110K" EACH

Nov 16, 2018, Lakehurst, NJ, Jersey Shore: Brick Brings Autism Program Back In-District Officials said the school district spends a minimum of $110,000 to educate each special needs child out of district, and this number does not even include the cost of transportation, paraprofessionals and other services. At one time, Brick had a comprehensive autism program – children with more severe issues were kept in-district when there was strong behavioral support. Brick’s newly-hired director of special services Kristen A. Hanson wants to bring an estimated 115 students back into the district by building programs that are equal to, or better than, the out-of-district programs they currently attend. … The best case scenario for a child is for their home district to offer autism programs with all the available supports, she said. … Hanson said she hopes to create two to three additional classes for kindergarten and third grade next year, perhaps using some teaching staff that could be shifted. The classes are capped at six students. The district had one consulting BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) and a second BCBA – who worked in the district when the former autism program was offered, and before students were sent to out-of-district schools – was added as the district program grows. … “These are children with significant needs, we want to bring them back to the district to their hometown school,” Hanson said. …

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