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LA: First ASD charter school in state opens; plans to grow from 20 to 120 students

July 10, 2018, Baton Rouge (LA) Business Report: The Emerge Center launches new Baton Rouge school, foundation for autistic children The Emerge Center is opening the first charter school specifically for children with autism in Louisiana in August, the Emerge Center announced this morning. … The Emerge School got its charter approved in May, and plans to serve children ages five to eleven. Administrators plan to start with 20 kindergarten students in the 2018-2019 school year and grow to serve approximately 120 students. Classes will begin on Aug. 16 with students on a staggered start schedule. In its first year, the school will operate out of two classrooms at the Emerge Center headquarters on Innovation Park Dr., with plans to identify a larger space to accommodate more students in the future….

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