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La Crosse, WI: Childhood trauma at home: "greatest unaddressed public health threat"

June 7, 2018, WXOW-TV, La Crosse, WI: Learning about childhood trauma It's being called the single greatest unaddressed public health threat by the American Academy of Pediatrics. It's not one specific thing but rather a group of problems called adverse childhood experiences, otherwise known as childhood trauma. Local community members are getting together to recognize that trauma and find ways to help both children and adults cope. On Thursday, a screening of the documentary Resilience was shown to help understand the role the community plays in creating a more trauma-informed society. Curt Teff is Director of Community Services for the School District of La Crosse. He said, "I think that the biggest thing to know is that we do have childhood trauma within our community, and we really see it as a public health risk. We know that certain early childhood trauma effects development in early years but what we are learning through the science of trauma is that it affects people through their lifetime." There will be other sessions on this topic coming up this summer. To learn more or to sign up to attend the next event contact Bethany Thier from the Great Rivers United Way.

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