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La Crescent, MN: SPED spending increased by 26% over last 10 years

May 24, 2018, WIZM Radio, La Crosse, WI: Minnesota school districts struggle to fund special education Special education is one of the most costly aspects struggling with funding across school districts in Minnesota. Districts have increased spending by 26 percent over the last decade. La Crescent-Hokah School District superintendent Kevin Cardille says they aren't immune in taking losses. … About 200 students are taking special education courses. Funding for those services have jumped sharply in recent years, and more funding from the state’s legislature has been tough to come by. “We tend to be drawing in and have more and more special needs students,” Cardille said. “But, it's stressful on our budget. Cardille added that there are state requirements about what services need to be provided. The funding doesn't match them.

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