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Knox Cty, TN: 20 more SPED teachers; 8,000 students use 400 SPED teachers

July 31, 2018, WBIR, Knoxville, TN: KCS to consider incentives to fill 22 special education teaching positions A Knox County School official is proposing recruitment incentives for newly hired teachers in the hopes of filling more than 20 vacant special education teaching positions, according to a memorandum. In the July 20 memorandum from KCS Executive Director of Human Resources, Dr. Kelly Drummond requests a $2,400 incentive for up to 10 teachers — a total of $24,000 already designated within the budget for tuition reimbursement…. The item is on the agenda for the August 8 Board of Education meeting. "Parents can be assured that on the very first day we'll have good, solid instruction going on, we have a plan to support the people that are working in that classroom until we get those teachers hired," Massie said. KCS leaders point to a nationwide demand for teachers and special education teachers. KCS leaders say there are about 8,000 students who use about 400 special education teachers. In May, 10News reported that there are more than 800 KCS students with autism, up from more than 500 in 2009. …


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