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Kettering, OH: Higher district SPED, mental health costs behind call for tax increase

Oct 22, 2018, Dayton (OH) Daily News: Kettering schools seek levy a year early, citing costs, expansion plan Kettering schools are asking voters for a tax levy earlier than planned, citing increased costs in several areas, plus a desire to expand career-tech education, increase security, and add all-day kindergarten for the first time…. Treasurer Dan Schall said the district is back on the ballot a year earlier because of increasing costs in special education, health and mental health, as well as the proposed program expansions. “Those costs, along with the normal cost of doing business, are driving our numbers up faster than what we would have hoped,” Schall said. “So this (levy) request now helps us address those needs quicker, better and more cost effectively than if we waited.” … The levy would pay to hire staff for the switch from half-day to all-day kindergarten, would fund increased student mental health supports and pay for at least two more full-time school resource officers. Inskeep said the city of Kettering and the school district have been “two beacons of positiveness” through a decade of economic turmoil. …


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