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Kentucky: Plan to put mental health workers in schools

Mar 15, 2018, Williamson (KY) Daily News: Ky. bill would put mental health workers in schools After deadly school shooting rampages, including one in their own state, Kentucky lawmakers are considering whether to put mental health professionals in schools in hopes of easing stress in students' lives that could explode into violence…. "We firmly believe that if implemented, this piece of legislation would certainly spare us tragedy in the future," said the bill's lead sponsor, Democratic Rep. Will Coursey…. The bill says that as funds are available, Kentucky school districts would employ or contract with mental health professionals including psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical social workers, professional counselors or psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioners. … Mental health professionals in schools could help students individually or in group settings, supporters said. They also could train teachers and school staff to recognize students' stress. And they would form teams to assist students struggling with problems affecting their behavior and learning. …

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