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Kenosha, WI: School adds $25K "sensory suite" for SPED kids to "decompress"

Duncan McCutchan, 17, was excited Wednesday to show his parents the new sensory suite at Wilmot Union High School during the Special Education Open House.

“He said he will be able to come here ‘to chill out or to rev up,’” his mother Cathi McCutchan said, adding sometimes her son needs a pick-me-up or time to decompress….

Special education teacher Brian Hopkins, who worked with Special Education Director Jon Watson to develop the sensory suite, said it will provide an outlet for students experiencing sensory overload….

Hopkins said the sensory suite will help students prevent sensory overload, which will allow them to build self-regulation skills, be independent and attend to things longer. Each room can be darkened, illuminated by a soothing light display or star gazing light show….

“A $25,000 federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act grant covered the cost. The equipment, ordered in May 2021, began arriving in October as shipment was delayed due to the pandemic. On Tuesday, the last and probably one of the most important deliveries arrived — a box with 4,000 plastic balls for the ball pit….

Wilmot Union High School special education teacher Brian Hopkins explains the benefits of the school's new sensory suite.


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