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Kalamazoo, MI: Teachers get active shooter training; more mental health staff added

Aug 20, 2018, Michigan Live: (Kalamazoo News) Active shooter training part of back-to-school prep for teachers Part of the back-to-school preparation for Kalamazoo teachers includes training on how to survive an active shooter situation. … In previous years, teachers and staff were taught to immediately go into a lock down, shutting off the lights and hiding. This year's training is more of an "enhanced lock down," Bergan said. "It allows us not to be just a victim," she said. "It's making sure kids and teachers know how to keep themselves and others safe." … The plan is for between 80 and 90 percent of all district staff to go through the video training before the start of school, Sept. 4. Throughout the school year, teachers will spend portions of their professional development days going through active shooter drills, Webster said. … "We are talking about it a lot more," she said. "Parents are concerned. Staff are more concerned."… Solving the issue of school shootings must go beyond increasing mental health resources, Rice said. … The district recently voted to add nine more staff members to help students with mental health issues and social skills. When the budget was passed by the board June 28, three additional social workers and six new mental health therapists were added to the school district. …

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