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Johnson Co, GA: K-12 schools get "sensory rooms"; "they're psyched"

Mar 1, 2024, 13WMAZ: School of the Week: Students at Johnson County Schools are psyched about their newest sensory rooms
Sensory rooms are the latest and greatest additions to Johnson County Elementary, Middle and High schools.

You're going to see a lot more kids chilling out, relaxing and laughing at schools in Johnson County.

They're psyched over their latest and greatest additions: sensory rooms.

"It is designed with students with disabilities in mind, but overall it's supposed to help all students in the school building," Hannah Kiser said.

Kiser is the special education director of Johnson County Schools.

Over the past couple of school years, Kiser explained, it's taken a village to bring it all together.

"Our transportation staff helped get some of this equipment into this room, our maintenance staff, our special education staff, our building leadership, our superintendent, our community has supported this," Kiser elaborated. "This has truly been a Johnson County effort." . . . 

Chrissy thinks her high school's sensory theater is *so* cozy with its massage chairs surrounding bubble lights in a backlit room. . . . 

The middle schoolers say they feel lucky because they get a decked out Lego lab.

Johnson County Elementary students get to have a sensory clubhouse filled with stuffed animals, nooks they can snuggle in and even a swing in the middle of the room.

The rooms are meant to help stimulate or calm students in moments of distress, anxiety and stress. . . .

You're also welcome to lay down and relax or swing around and have some fun, before returning to class for a sharper mind.


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