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Jewish Week: Autism expert promotes "sensory paths" to help reduce steff

Nov 9, 2018, NY Jewish Week: How Jewish Educators Can Create Sensory Paths … If you’ve seen the sensory path that went viral, it is quite obviously a labor of love, but it is also rather busy. In my opinion there’s almost too much going on. It’s always important to strike the right balance between a positive sensory experience and sensory overload. I also think that while wonderful for younger children, this path would seem too juvenile for older elementary and middle school students, who might dismiss it out-of-hand. So, like many others out there, I designed my own. Also a labor of love, I might add; it just took me much less than 80 hours to complete. … As expected, the space was an immediate hit…. “Yes. Some people need a short break from their work to clear their head. Others need to get their blood flowing again so they can get back to work.”… The value of using spaces like this, fidgets, or any other tool meant to help a student find success is the context in which the tool is presented. Using the language of “this is a tool to help you” or “let’s take a sensory break,” enables students to more effectively speak about their needs and advocate for themselves in productive and meaningful ways.


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