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Jersey City mayor promotes Autism Acceptance; NJ's high rate highlighted

April 7, 2024, The Artist: The Flag of Autism Flies High with Acceptance in Jersey City

Mayor Steven Fulop of Jersey City, NJ, recently shared insights gained from his tenure during the annual flag-raising event. He reflected on the challenges faced by families with special needs, including gaps in resources and the issue of individuals aging out of support programs.

Fulop highlighted New Jersey’s high autism rates, particularly in Hudson County, emphasizing the ongoing need for awareness and inclusivity for residents with diverse needs. Sherry Singh, a local business owner and advocate for autism acceptance, expressed deep emotion at the event’s response.

As a mother of an adult son with autism, Singh is passionate about fostering acceptance and inclusive community life for families in similar situations. She emphasizes the importance of serving the needs of many in community engagement efforts and advocates for a widespread commitment to this cause across New Jersey.


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