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Jefferson Cty, KY: Two schools get health clinics; 10% of students have chronic illnesses

Feb 4, 2020, WLKY-TV, Louisville, KY: JCPS opening health clinics in 2 of its high schools Two Jefferson County Public Schools schools are getting their very own health clinics. They're still under construction, but in just a few weeks, students at Central High and Pleasure Ridge Park will be able to see a doctor while they're at school. "We're wanting to make sure that these students are ready to learn, that they're in the classrooms, they're here, they're healthy. So, this is a great resource for us to have," said Blaire Adams, JCPS nurse practitioner…. "We have nurse practitioners and nurses in the school building to treat those and be able to do the school physicals, immunizations, sports physicals to make sure that they can have access to all that health care," said Adams…. "Our partnerships with Shawnee Christian Care with Park Duvalle and with Norton, it's really to expand and access the services that the students have. So if their asthma is poorly controlled or diabetes is not well managed, those all impact their ability to attend school and learn well," said Eva Stone, manager of district health services. According to Stone, about 10% of students at Central suffer from a chronic illness such as diabetes or asthma. School leaders say they are excited about the addition, describing it as critical. …


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