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Jefferson County, KY: $3M for a counselor in every school in district; focus on SPED kids

Feb 12, 2019, Louisville Courier Journal: JCPS one step closer to adding mental health counselors to every school Jefferson County Public Schools is one step closer to providing each of its students with access to a mental health counselor starting next school year — a $3 million investment the district hopes will ultimately boost student achievement. … JCPS plans to hire a dedicated mental health practitioner for each of its middle and high schools. Elementary schools identified by JCPS as needing to make accelerated improvements will also have dedicated counselors. All other elementary schools would have counselors on a part-time basis, with two schools sharing one counselor. … The new positions will also be responsible for counseling special education students, a legally required service that the district has not regularly provided, according to a report issued this month by the Kentucky Department of Education. JCPS Superintendent Marty Pollio has said the new positions are necessary to support a student population increasingly affected by traumatic events at home and in the community.
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