Jamestown, VA: School nurse must deal with chronic conditions

Sept 21, 2017, Jamestown (VA) Press: New school district nurse steps into full-time role As a nurse, Toracinta has several duties aside from taking care of children who get sick during the school day. She also makes sure students are taking their medications at the correct times while coordinating yearly vision and hearing screenings required by the state. On a few occasions, she will visit classrooms at a teacher’s request to educate children about a classmate’s medical condition or disability, such as epilepsy or diabetes. …

Toracinta also maintains the district’s allergy policy, notifying teachers and cafeteria workers about students who are susceptible to certain foods. For these children, she works with parents to create an individual health-care plan with an emergency strategy. A notice is posted at each school’s entrance with a list of these allergens, while a peanut-free lunch table is available in each cafeteria for students who are allergic to nuts. Toracinta has first-hand experience with this as her daughter is allergic to nuts.