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Jacksonville, FL: Police remove 6 yr old from school; child held/sedated for 48 hours

Feb 14, 2020, UK Sun: 'UNCONTROLLABLE' ‘Autistic’ girl, 6, held by cops and heavily sedated for 48 hours after school tantrum BODYCAM footage shows the moment a six-year-old girl was led out of her school before being sedated and held for 48 hours following a tantrum. The girl, who is named Nadia and thought to be on the autism spectrum, was removed from Love Grove Elementary School in Jacksonville, Florida and involuntarily committed to a mental health facility on February 4. She is reported to have been heavily sedated and put on a mandatory 48-hour hold under the Florida Mental Health Act, better known as the Baker Act…. Footage from officers' bodycams, some of which has been redacted, shows Nadia being led by the hand by a female officer and guided into a police car. The officer can be heard telling Nadia she isn't going to jail, but adding: “You going to be good? "You’re not going to throw nothing around like you did in there, are you? "You going to be nice to me like you’re being?" When Nadia replies, "Yeah", the officer says: "Good deal."… 'DON'T POKE THE BEAR' Speaking to News4Jax, her mother, Martina Falk, said: “I got a call saying that she is so uncontrollable that they had to Baker Act her. “They called me and said ‘Ms. Falk we’re calling to let you know that there’s nothing else we could do.’ "There’s nothing else you could do for my 6-year-old?... 'WHY WAS SHE GIVEN ANTI-PSYCHOTIC DRUGS?' Speaking to reporters after the footage was released, Reganel Reeves, an attorney representing Falk, said: “She had a tantrum. "Six-year-olds have tantrums. Six-year-olds with special needs have tantrums. “The police officer had no independent basis to take this child for Baker Act. “What medical basis did they have to give this child anti-psychotic medicines? That’s what we need to know.” Reeves added: “I think it’s quite clear that a lawsuit needs to be filed." In a statement, Duval County Public Schools said: "We were clear in our earliest public statements that the student walked calmly out with the principal and the officer to the police car. "With regard to the statements made on the video, note that the officers in the video were not present during the events which motivated the school to call Child Guidance, our crisis response care provider. "It was the mental health counselor from Child Guidance, not the police officer or school personnel, who made the Baker Act decision. …

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fei fei
fei fei
Oct 21, 2021

generation aluminum. :’( sad.

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