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Ironton, OH: March is Developmental Disabilities Month; county celebrates

Mar 2, 2022, (Ironton, OH) Iron Tribune: Commission proclaims March as DD Awareness Month

The Lawrence County Commission meeting on Tuesday was packed with what commission president DeAnna Holliday called “a beautiful audience today.” Staff from Lawrence County Developmental Disabilities as well as members of the local DD community were on hand as the commission issued a proclamation marking March as Developmental Disabilities Awareness month in the county. The proclamation also honored LCDD and Open Door School, which helps 500 people with disabilities and their families in Lawrence County. … The proclamation was voted on by Holliday and commissioner Freddie Hayes Jr. Commissioner Colton Copley was on a trip and was not present for the meeting…. Brian Hayden, an LCDD employee and father of a son with autism, credited LCDD’s Early Intervention program for making a difference in their lives. He recalled when his son was diagnosed at a young age and he was warned by doctors that “your child may never talk to you again.” He said the program gave them their “first glimpse of hope” following the news and LCDD had helped his son immensely over the years and had empowered him as a parent. “He’s 17 now, and he never stops talking,” he said, also noting that his son, who is active in extracurricular activities, was not present at the event because he was taking the ACT at that moment. “It’s so important to understand DD, so that we bring awareness to not what they can’t do, but what they can do,” he said. “It’s easy to get caught up in the contributions made for them and forget the contributions they make to society.”…

Lawrence County commissioners Freddie Hayes Jr. and DeAnna Holliday pose for photos with members of the Lawrence County Developmental Disabilities community following the commission’s meeting on Tuesday. The commission proclaimed March as Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month in the county. (The Ironton Tribune


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