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Ireland/UK: "Pathological Demand Avoidance" causes extreme violence in thousands of kids

Nov 30, 2018, Irish Sun: MUMS' AUTISM AGONY ‘My 4-year-old screamed ‘die, die, die’ as he tried to kill his baby brother’: Parents reveal agony of vulnerable kids with extreme autism From stamping on their parents' heads to trying to stab themselves with knives, these vulnerable children have violent meltdowns caused by a disorder on the autistic spectrum … It's one of many violent episodes 13-year-old William has had over the past few years, caused by an extreme form of Autism that forces him to lash out - harming himself and others. … William is one of thousands of children in the UK suffering from PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance) - a behavioural profile on the autism spectrum. Having PDA means the brain can't understand demands or process them in a normal way. Simple requests, a change of routine or finding objects out of place can spark extreme fear for the children with it, and the violence they emit is a reaction to feeling frightened and unable to communicate. Triggered by anything from a smell he doesn't like, to being asked to do the simplest of tasks like getting dressed, William will lash out with violence - then doesn't remember what happened. At just nine years old, he was arrested and locked in a cell for punching his mum in the face. … “On the occasion he tried to kill his little brother, I took one of his stars away, but he was so upset and having 'failed' at the chart that he smashed up the entire house - emptying all of the cupboards and smashing plates," Tanya says…. 'My daughter tried to stab herself with a carving knife' Also opening up about the challenges of looking after children with autism is Jayne, whose daughter Sienna, 10, was diagnosed when she was five years old. Janye describes Sienna's behaviour as like "Jekyll and Hyde" and says at times her meltdowns have become so bad she has tried to harm herself and other family members. …

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