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(Ireland) Tydavenet school adds two autism units

Nov 22, 2023, Northern Sound: Tydavnet school gets greenlight for additional ASD units

The news was confirmed by the National Council For Special Education.

St Dympna's National School in Tydavnet were recently given the go ahead to open up two autism units for September 2024. The school community believes the announcement will be a fantastic opportunity for families in the region as places for autism classes are so limited, particularly in the Monaghan Town region. Daniel Murphy is Principal of St Dympna's National School in Tydavnet.
Speaking to Northern Sound, Mr Murphy said that the local school was very "conscious" of the demand for autism classes and the need for more in the local community. The local principal said that the confirmation he received on this from the NCSE will be a "huge boost" to the school community of staff, pupils and parents. "We're just exceptionally proud that we are in a position to provide this for children who are really most in need across the local community," he said. "Having autism classes are fantastic because as the children in the ASD classes progress, it opens up opportunities for integration into the mainstream classes….

"This is obviously a two-way road because of course we have reverse-integration planned whereby children in the mainstream come down to the autism classes as well for different parts of the day and it's just fantastic for all of our children to see and experience a wider variety of people that is reflective of how society is today and it will develop them as learners but also as human beings as well. It will be a massive boost for everyone in the school from staff, pupils and parents as well."

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