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(Ireland) Two autistic 7 yr olds still in preschool; Dublin suburb school has no places

Sept 2, 2018, Dublin Twin boys with autism told ‘start school when you are 9 as there are no supports These twin seven-year-old boys may not be able to attend what should be their first day of school tomorrow — despite having already waited two years longer than they should have. Due to endless waiting lists and lack of supports, twins Rory and Dylan, who both have autism, have spent the last two years in preschool, despite being of primary school age since 2016. The twins recently secured a place at a specialist school in Rathfarnham. However, this won’t be available until 2019 — six years after they were placed on the waiting list…. …They have made slow progress up the waiting lists of suitable schools across the capital since because there are no State-run schools with autism unit places available in Dublin or Kildare….


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