(Ireland) Tipperary town eager to be "autism friendly"; "robust accreditation process"

Nov 2, 2019, Tipperary Live: Nenagh takes a step closer to becoming an autism friendly town Nenagh has taken a another step forward in its bid to become an autism friendly town after a second meeting to form a committee for Make Nenagh an Autism Friendly Town was held in Nenagh Arts Centre…. Clonakilty is Ireland’s First Autism Friendly town and in order to acquire this designation a town has to go through a robust accreditation process. Clonakilty had to engage and train 25% of businesses and voluntary organisations, train 50% of public services, 50% of school communities, 50% of healthcare professionals, three employers and reach and engage 25% of the town’s population and develop a three-year Autism Friendly town plan. The committee members in Nenagh are looking forward to working with the community, groups, public services, schools, HSE and other agencies to make this happen.