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(Ireland) Special needs teachers call for training in use of restraint when student poses threat

Oct 2, 2018, Irish Examiner: Special-needs schools ask for staff training on the safe restraint of pupils Special schools want training for teachers and other staff on the physical restraint of pupils. The National Association of Boards of Management in Special Education (NABMSE) said it understands concerns expressed by parents and children in a document published last week about improper use of restraint and seclusion in schools. The Inclusion Ireland report highlighted 14 cases in which parents said their children with disabilities were injured or traumatised from being physically restrained by staff or secluded in unsuitable rooms without supervision…. Last week, the department said it had been working for the past year on guidelines, which it expects to publish by next summer. The guidelines would help with the correct response when a student poses a threat of harm to themselves or to others. “We are advised that the... guidelines [are being] designed to provide more comprehensive guidance on how this very complex aspect of our education system can be managed,” said Breda Corr, general secretary of NABMSE, which represents 200 special schools and mainstream primary schools that have pupils who have special educational needs. We would welcome the early publication of these guidelines and the provision of related training for all school staff involved in this field,” she said….

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