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(Ireland) Sligo to become "autism friendly town"; 3% of pop. is autistic

Nov 15, 2022, Independent: Plans are revealed to make Sligo an autism friendly town
A public meeting on plans to develop Sligo as an Autism Friendly Town will take place on Wednesday, November 23rd in the Radisson Hotel at 7.30pm

Businesses, schools, training facilities, sports, voluntary groups and public services are being encouraged to take part in a training programme to learn more about how to make their facilities more autism friendly.

Sligo Town was recently accepted into the AsIAm Autism Friendly Town programme. The successful application was made by members of the Sligo Public Participation Network (PPN) Secretariat after securing PPN support for the venture….

PPN Secretariat member, Pippa Black, who is autistic herself noted that at least 3% of the population of Sligo is autistic and she said that all of these people have families whose ability to be involved or to access products and services is also limited when the autistic family member is not accommodated.

“Many organisations and businesses are beginning to realise that becoming more autism friendly is good for business. AsIAm has developed a training programme to help businesses and groups learn more about how to make their facilities more welcoming.

“The committee will encourage and support the town’s businesses, schools, training facilities, sports and voluntary groups and public services to undertake this training and to implement at least one change towards becoming more autism friendly,” explained Pippa….


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