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(Ireland) Schools have to address "unmet need" for students with dyslexia; teachers not trained

Oct 22, 2018, Irish Examiner: Reading Academy Online to help people with dyslexia One in 10 people is affected by dyslexia, but despite the prevalence of the learning difficulty, which makes it harder for some people to learn to read, write, and spell, many teachers report that their training is inadequate. Two teachers have now provided a solution: The Reading Academy Online, a course tailored for parents, caregivers, and teachers of struggling readers. As teachers at St Oliver Plunkett National School in Co Dublin, one of four special reading schools nationally, Sarah Dieck Mc Guire and Sarah Lumsden Watchorn recognised the unmet demand for specialist teaching services for children with reading difficulties and dyslexia…. While the Department of Education provides a number of specialist units within national schools and four designated schools for children with dyslexia, many students with reading difficulties are still struggling in mainstream classrooms. … However, the founders realised that because of the scale of the demand and shortage of specially-trained teachers, another solution was needed. So they devised an online course based on the programme used in the centres. The course material is highly-structured and is suitable for parents, grandparents, caregivers, or resource teachers, regardless of experience, to teach a struggling reader. The instructor doesn’t need to take a course, but they learn as they teach. The course is based on the Orton-Gillingham approach. … [Yale U. report Dyslexia affects one in five people. ]

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