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(Ireland) Portlaoise wants to be "Autism Friendly Town"

May 26, 2023, Ireland Live: Expert help welcome to make Portlaoise Autism friendly

Expert knowledge from autism organisations is welcome in Portlaoise to help local groups turn it into an Autism Friendly Town.

Laois Chamber and the Portlaoise business support unit are inviting an autism organisation to lead the project. An update was given to Cllr Marie Tuohy after she tabled a motion on it, to the May meeting of Portlaoise Municipal District.

Cllr Tuohy laid out all the easy ways to make the town more supportive to people with Autism.

"Something as simple as dimming lights, reducing noise from tills, scanners and tannoy systems and a basic understanding by staff of this.

"Participating businesses should also be dog friendly. The GAA and other sports groups may also be willing to participate.

"We do need to find a way to pull all interested parties together," Cllr Tuohy said….

"Clonakilty has led the way in becoming the first Autism friendly town in Ireland. I see Aldi have a designated time on Tuesday evening in all their stores.

"ASIAm, Ireland's national Autism charity would be helpful in advising in this area," Cllr Touhy said.

"We liaised with Laois Chamber who are very supportive of a project to designate Portlaoise as a autism friendly town. They would like to see this project led by an autism organisation who have the necessary expertise and knowledge, and they are happy to become a supporter of same and contribute to the accreditation process where required," she said.


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