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(Ireland) Portlaoise: Parents want "Autism Supporting Diversity at school

Mar 13, 2024, Laois Today: Parents at Errill National School seeking Autism Supporting Diversity facility

The parents at Errill National School are campaigning for an Autism Supporting Diversity (ASD) facility, with a petition well underway.

The parents say their children deserve to be educated within their own locality. . . .

 “The lack of such a facility is not just a logistical issue; it’s about visibility and acceptance.

“We want our children to be seen and acknowledged as equal members of society.

“The stigma associated with additional needs must be eradicated.

“We urge our government to give our children the same chances as neurotypical children.

“It is unjust for the Department of Education to treat our kids differently than others simply because they learn differently.

“According to data from Autism Europe, approximately one in 65 people are on the autism spectrum. This statistic underscores how important it is for schools like Errill National School to have dedicated resources for these students.

“By sanctioning an ASD unit at Errill NS, we can provide a supportive environment where all students with ASD can excel academically and socially while also promoting inclusivity within our community.

“Please sign this petition and join us in advocating for equal educational opportunities for all students regardless of their learning differences.

“We have the full support of the school and board of management in Errill NS, so let’s shout it from the roof tops that this is what we need in our locality.”


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