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(Ireland) Parents slam Minister of ED for lack of secondary places for autistic students

Nov 22, 2019, Leinster Leader: Kildare mum starts petition over lack of secondary school places for children on autism spectrum A shortage of school places for children on the autism spectrum in the local secondary school in Prosperous has prompted the creation of an online petition which was launched this week. The petition calls on the Minister of Education Joe McHugh to immediately provide for a number of Prosperous children who have been refused a place in their local secondary school, St Farnan’s, due to a lack of space. … "Neither Tony nor his two friends have secured a place yet in a secondary school. We have been told there's no place to be had in Kildare. We have sent in applications to the local schools with the ASD unit attached and were refused as no places are available next year. "This includes Prosperous, Naas and Celbridge. To no avail - we cannot get a place. So what is my son to do?” Lisa asked. “Does his education suddenly stop? "He is entitled to a school place just like every other child here in Ireland, but sadly that’s not so. All across Kildare and other counties there are lack of school places. Why is this? "I don’t hold any teacher or principal responsible for this crisis, I hold the Department of Education responsible. … "This is absolutely not the fault of St Farnan's," he emphasised. "The minister needs to ensure local schools can meet local need."…


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