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(Ireland) Parents protest; more ASD awareness, but not more funding

June 20, 2024, Newstalk, Dublin: ‘Just heartbreaking’—Autistic children left without school places join Dail protest

Parents of more than 15 autistic children who have been unable to secure a school place this year have gathered to protest outside the Dáil.

Newstalk reported earlier this week that at least 17 children with additional educational needs in the Dublin 15 area have been left without a school place.

The parents told Lunchtime Live that they had applied to around 30 schools across Dublin – and been rejected from every one.

They voiced fears that their children would regress without the educational supports they desperately need.

Protesting outside the Dáil this afternoon. Parents told Newstalk that they feel the Government is turning a ‘blind eye’ to their children’s predicament.

Dana and Val Thuiller said their son, Louis (13), should be heading to secondary school in September - but he hasn't been accepted yet.

They said they are “just shattered” by the situation.

“Were just baffled as to why nobody can accommodate him now at this point” said Dana. . . .

"This has to change"

She said there has been a huge increase in awareness about autism in Ireland over the last 20 years – but successive government has failed to act.

“I would say to the Government you know, what if one in 36 kids was going blind?” said Dana.

“Do you think people would be accepting it?

“This has to change because all this acceptance has led to a situation where our kids are just not being accounted for.” . . .

 “Noah is five-years-old,” she said. “He is non-verbal, he tries to talk but an AAC device would bring him on.

“If Noah doesn’t have a school place in September he will lose everything he has gained in playschool.” . . .

The parents are continuing to campaign for a major increase in special education funding right across the country.


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